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Getting Lit With Aromatic Luxe

a candle-making experience

Step into the world of Getting Lit With Aromatic Luxe: A Candle-Making Experience, where we kindle creativity and foster connections through the captivating craft of candle making. Our array of workshop offerings is tailored to accommodate diverse groups and occasions, promising unforgettable moments for everyone involved.

Explore our offerings:

The Ladies Haven: Gather your girlfriends for an unforgettable experience tailored to women. Perfect for birthday celebrations, bridal/bachelorette activities, women’s ministry/group gatherings, team building events, Galentine’s Day festivities, Friendsgiving get-togethers, and wellness retreats.

The Couple’s Therapy: Strengthen your bond with your significant other in our intimate couple’s workshop. Whether it's a romantic date night, Valentine’s Day celebration, anniversary milestone, or couple’s ministry activity, immerse yourselves in the joy of creating together.

The Teen Empowerment: Empower the next generation with our engaging workshops designed for teenagers aged 13-17. Ideal for birthday celebrations and youth ministry activities, our sessions foster creativity and camaraderie among young minds.

The High Vibrations: Experience the magic of candle making in our general workshop suitable for groups of two or more. Whether you're looking for a unique outing with friends or family, our sessions promise fun, relaxation, and positive energy.

The Self-Care: Indulge in tranquil solitude with our private one-on-one workshops tailored for individuals seeking self-care and introspection. Escape the hustle and bustle as you immerse yourself in the therapeutic art of candle making.

Join us and let your creativity shine as you craft beautiful candles and lasting memories. Book your experience today!

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